Elements Of Pattern has been created by Robert Jones and Ben Whorwood.

Robert Jones is a prominent and respected artist based in Hayle, Cornwall, and has authored several books as well as giving talks on the national circuit. Ben Whorwood is a freelance programmer based in Newquay, Cornwall, who has an extensive background in software development and computing.

Robert came up with the initial concept which would form the basis of Elements Of Pattern back in the 1970's whilst teaching at A.S. Neill’s Summerhill School. Through the years his concept has taken on various guises and then, with the advent of touchable devices such as the iPad, Robert saw a potential opportunity that his idea could be ported to another platform which bridged both the physical and virtual worlds. Driven by a desire for his creation to be enjoyed by the masses he pressed on.

After some preliminary meetings which left Robert still searching he was introduced to Ben through a mutual friend. Ben saw the potential in Robert's concept and vision and so a partnership was formed.

Ben's expertise seemed very suited to the project as he is visually aware but from being self-taught also has a broad knowledge of software development. This would prove very useful going from an initial proof-of-concept app through several complete rewrites to what is available today, as well as the development of the backend services and bespoke management tools which power the project behind-the-scenes.

The journey wouldn't be possible without the help from Robert's wife Susie as well as their son Joe and other family members.

For more information on Robert and Ben see their respective websites:
robertjonesartist.com | mube.uk

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